About Us

Welcome to Starlight Jewels!
At Starlight Jewels, we specialize in handmade jewelry design. Each piece is crafted individually, showcasing delicacy and a blend of artisanal skill for those seeking unique accessories. All our pieces are packaged and ready to brighten your day or be that perfect gift you're looking for.
In 2020, Lizmarie Galloza decided to start her journey from home, dedicating more time to her family. She is Puerto Rican, a wife, and a mom, with a passion for jewelry and accessory sales. Thus, she decided to embark on entrepreneurship and create her own jewelry, including chains, earrings, wired bracelets, stone rosaries, and anklets. Our jewelry focuses on materials like 18k gold plating, stones, high-quality threads, and wires.
The name "Starlight" holds a special meaning. One day, discussing the idea of entrepreneurship with family, Lizmarie’s daughter chose the name Starlight, symbolizing the guiding star in the midst of our difficulties. We always have that detail that makes us shine and be unique.
Thank you for visiting us. We hope you enjoy our pieces and offers. Our goal is to brighten your day and make you always feel beautiful.